Advantages of the AQUAFIDES
UV Disinfection Systems

AQUAFIDES offers a wide range of UV disinfection systems. From the single lamp systems for the treatment of domestic drinking water and smaller water suppliers, up to the multi-lamp systems for municipal and industrial water treatment (for flows of 1 m3/h to 400 m3/h certified). AQUAFIDES non-standard systems for special applications complete the product range.

single lamp systems

multi-lamp systems

  • Expert advice and maintenance
    through our specialists (decades of experience)
  • Short reactor lengths
    (e.g. 1 AF300 T, approx. 20m3 / h at 70% / 10cm with only about 1.20m reactor height)
  • Irradiation chamber is fully flushable
  • removable flange plates on the bottom of the reactor
  • Quartz tube (and lamps) installable from either side
    allows for flexible installation
  • Type tested
    also for very bad UV transmission levels (e.g. 1 AF400 T up to 2% Tr 100mm @ 254nm)
  • Flexible installation
    (horizontal, vertical, variable quartz tube installation, rotatable in 90 ° increments)
  • Very low pressure loss
    (<0,05 bar)
  • Irridiation chamber IP 65
    Design according to EN 13445
  • Data logging function
    With integrated memory
  • Data and Software updates
    Via USB port
  • Maintenance Software
    and parameter settings via laptop and 5-button operation
  • Multi-Colour Display
    for the visualization of the operating state
  • UV lamp power adaptation to operating conditions
    Via variable control of lamp power
  • Project specific control functions
    For example: Flowrate regulation depending on the water quality. UV lamp dimming with changing UV transmission levels. Other additional control functions on request

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