The 1AF90T is the only certified UV system available in the market that is approved for a water quality down to a UV transmittance[100mm] of 5% according to SVGW/ÖVGW/DVGW and offers outstanding performance in this area. Just like the 1AF45T, also the 1AF90T is suitable for continuous operation. Across the entire transmittance range, the 1AF90T is 25% more efficient than comparable systems available in the market.

1 AF90 T


  • No. of UV Low Pressure Lamps
  • 1
  • Max. flow rate ground water (m3h)
  • 8,77
  • Max. Flow rate spring water (m3h)
  • 6,77
  • Power Consumption of each UVC Lamp (W)
  • 95
  • UVC-Power (W)
  • 29
  • Expected lamp life time (h)
  • 14.000


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